Recording Absence

Last week a user complained to me that she can not record an absence that is longer than 2 years. I checked myself and indeed I can’t record this – with no error message the end date of absence is rolled back to 2 year mark.

A question was raised with Vizual HR.Net support team and their answer was:
change settings in files *.config.

<key xsi:type="xsd:string">MaxAbsenceSpanInDays</key>
<value xsi:type="xsd:string">731</value>

This lines do limit absence length allowed. So if you find this settings in Hrnet\Web.config file, Workflow Service.exe.config file and Scheduled Plugin.exe.conf, you can change them. Make sure you have the same values in all the files.

Be careful when changing Web.conf file, as any changes to this file will logout all the currently logged in users. Also don’t forget to restart Worflow and Plugin services on your web-server.

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