Develpment environment and emails

Recently I’ve discovered that our development installation of HR.Net is living it’s own life and sends out of date emails to staff, confusing them big time.

To stop this happening I made a little research inside of the system HR.Net tables and discovered that OC_USERS does contain all the users information including their emails. This matter is simply resolved. Inside of sql server query manager type in this:

use hrnetdev;
update oc_users set email='HRNETDEV_'+email
where email is not null

This renders all the user emails as unreachable.

After that I’ve discovered that workflow mailers do have typed in emails like like ‘’ and this will go through when a workflow is started in dev. For this I found table called OC_WORKFLOWSTAGEPARAMETERS. In there Vizual stores all the kinds of parameters for workflow stages. There is a type of parameter called ‘Recipient’. If you select all of those, you’ll see the typed emails. And if you see them, you can change them:

use hrnetdev;
SET data=cast( ( 'HRNETDEV_'+ cast(data as varchar) ) as ntext)
where parametername='RECIPIENT' and data like '%@%'

This way we isolate development environment from the real world -))

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