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Some things in my work I take for granted and don’t realise that can be not obvious. One of my readers Steph noted, HR.Net uses percent sign % as a wild-card in searches. So whenever you do search for a person, a workflow, any other search dialogue, try using "some_wor%" to get all results matching the wild-card: some_word, some_work, some_working1, etc.

Thanks, Steph for reminding about simple stuff -)

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4 Responses to Wild-card for searches

  1. Dan Hutson says:

    In HR.net version 4 it automatically defaults to having the % wildcard at the end of a search string. It’s more useful for finding words within text.


    Work horse
    House work
    All work and no play

    • admin says:

      Strangely enough, that did not work for me in V4 before and I had to specifically add percent sign. I’ll have another go on that tonight and post an update.

  2. Dan Hutson says:

    In DB search add-ins there is an Exact Search tick box to the bottom left which if ticked will only search for what is entered. Untick this and you should be able to use wildcards.

    What version of 4 are you on? We’re currently on 4.0.2 but are soon to update to 4.3

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