Intersting questions and answers

Recently I had a lot of people emailing me and saying “thanks” for the blog, as it helped them out in one way or another.

You are welcome!

Glad it helps somebody else, not just me. I’ll try to post useful tips here.
Just don’t be shy to ask a question. Sometimes interesting questions lead to an interesting post here -)

And if you really want to say thanks, you can check out my Wish-list on Amazon and gift me something. I’ll be flattered -))

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4 Responses to Intersting questions and answers

  1. Julien Denis says:

    I must confess this website is incredibly helpful to me. Some contents help me doing actions I gave up on, while others give me great ideas for the future.
    One of the tool that gives me absolute headaches is the report engines. I have today to build dynamic reports that do retrieve values from subreports, and proceed to heavy calculations. Also need to expand the parameters capabilities of the tool. did you already have to build using the DocExplorer, or did you give up on that and plugged something else on your DB ? Any help or guidance on this would be really welcome.
    Thanks a lot (I go check the wish list now 🙂 )

  2. admin says:


    DocExplorer is a pain indeed. We have not given up on it, but we use a lot of SQL Server views and add them as unmanaged database object. In a view you can do most of the calculations required, and DocExplorer will do just pretty pdf. Though some reports we have is web-based by PHP.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Admin,

    Your website is helping professionals in a great way. I would like to know how to read the records in a data grid through java script and need to apply the color codes to the grids based on the values of the records on the grid. Could you please help me to resolve this.

    Thanks in Advance.

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