Screen Validation

Many times I need to validate entries on the screen via JavaScript (or Custom Script, in terms of HR.Net).
For about a year I struggled with validation via overloading function “Page_ClientValidate“. But when you overload this function, you can’t run original validation that HR.Net prepared for you, so if in the table you have regular expression validation, it is not executed. But when you try to save incorrect data (according to the regexp) this does not show any message and doesn’t save as well.. which is very frustrating to the user.
Today I’ve discovered new way of calling validation function with using original HR.Net procedure:

var org_Page_ClientValidate = window.Page_ClientValidate;

window.Page_ClientValidate = function(){
  var ErrMsg ='';
  var validate = true;
// your custom validation goes here
	if (!validate){
		return false

	return org_Page_ClientValidate();
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  2. debbie coates says:


    I just wondered if I can ask you this question. I’ve just started work for a company that uses, as the HR Systems Developer. I am an analyst developer, normally i work with vb6/SQL, so I am more than familiar with SQL. Obviously, I know from the name that was written in .net (not hard to establish that). The question i have is that when saving a screen, validtion is done at form level, ie save and close, then validation is applied. is there any way to apply field level validation, ie, if i leave a time field after inputting a time of 09.00, can i not apply field validation so that i will get an error message saying “Please apply time in correct format, ie HHMM”, and remove whats in the firld and set focus back onto that field (Does that make any sense to you). I’ve done this in VB when designing applications. I mentioned this to my boss, apparently she has asked vizual/adp about this and they say it cant be done. Any comments, ideas

    Many Thanks


    • admin says:


      I remember I have implemented exactly what you are looking for via JavaScript (custom script). You’ll have to hook in to the form validation, like the post above talks, but then use .value() (from jQuery ) to remove anything from the field and then .focus() to change the focus. You can also do that on the input – same logic applies, but a lot more jQuery is required.

      Hope this helps


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