Mail Merge stage in workflow not sending to recipients mapped from a Database Reader

This article describes an issue that can occur with Mail Merge stages when using the recipients option “Message User” in conjunction with a list of people returned from a database reader.

When using a database reader to determine the recipients of a mailmerge, if the reader returns any People records that are not associated with a user account then the document will not be delivered to any of the intended recipients but will instead be sent to the ANADMIN user only.

There is no failure message, stalled instance etc to indicate what has occurred or why it has occurred

Example of how to re-create the error:

  1. Setup a Workflow
  2. Create a Database reader stage that returns two PEOPLE table record (ensure that one of the People records is associated with one, and only one user account and that the second People record is not associated with any user account).
  3. Create a Mail Merge stage and on the Message tab, select the first option (Message User) and map this to the Database Reader stage.
  4. This will send the mail merge document to ANADMIN only.

There is no proper solution for this problem – this was reported to Vizual for future development.

The only advice is to be careful and ensure that all People records returned by the reader stage have an associated user account set up within the Admin Console.

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