Find workflows by name

Ever tried to look through all the folders with workflows searching the one that fails? Know only the name? Use this sql to show you folder names and workflows mathing the name search.

  pppf.folder_name as [Folder],
  ppf.folder_name as [Folder],
  pf.folder_name as [Folder],
  f.folder_name as [Folder],
from OC_WORKFLOWS flow
  left join OC_ADMINCONSOLE_FOLDERS f on flow.folderid = f.folder_id
  left join OC_ADMINCONSOLE_FOLDERS pf on f.parent_id = pf.folder_id
  left join OC_ADMINCONSOLE_FOLDERS ppf on pf.parent_id = ppf.folder_id
  left join OC_ADMINCONSOLE_FOLDERS pppf on ppf.parent_id = pppf.folder_id
  flow.WORKFLOWNAME like '%People%'
order by flow.workflowname
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