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Restart HR.Net services

HR.Net is full of WTF moments. This whole blog is based on these moments: from ancient version of jQuery to obscure bugs in places where “things should just work”. This time I run into Workflow service that sometimes gets stuck: … Continue reading

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Find workflows/mailers with particular subject

Sometimes I get support requests quoting an email received from HR.Net and asking to modify that email text or add more recipients. And then I need need to find that workflow containing the mailer that sent out that particular message. … Continue reading

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Find all workflows that use a picklist, by picklist name

One of my readers did ask if there is a way to find all the workflows that use a particular picklist. A little bit of digging and here you go: select pppf.folder_name as [Folder], ppf.folder_name as [Folder], pf.folder_name as [Folder], … Continue reading

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Disable Form Validation When Saving Workflow as a Draft

Again, thanks Dan Huston for a great question which was this: Is it possible to distinguish between when a workflow form is being submitted and when the user is saving it to their drafts folder? We have times when the … Continue reading

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Find workflows that change particular table field

Today my task was to find out what workflows are changing particular field within particular table. I could go through all the workflows and all the data-writers and check. But I have hundreds to choose from, I’ll spend all day … Continue reading

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Error saying “Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘OC_WORKFLOWCACHEPARAMETERS_PK'”

Talking about an issue that can occur that results in a stalled instance in the Workflow Instances with the error as described. Viewing the Workflow stalled instances displays the following error message. Exception: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ‘OC_WORKFLOWCACHEPARAMETERS_PK’. Cannot … Continue reading

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